Paiolla Hair Nutrition Mask Smooth Magic Touch 500g/17.63 oz

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Product Overview

Paiolla Magical Touch Smooth Hair Nutrition Mask 500g/17.63 oz

Developed to meet the needs of all hair types, the Magic Touch Smooth Nourishing Mask's main purpose is to repair dry and tangled hair. Its immediate action envelops the hair in intense hydration and nutrition, which ensures deep repair in 30 seconds.

The composition of the Magic Touch Smooth Mask contains coconut oil, Pracaxi and Collagen, which together act directly on the problem resulting in stronger, softer and shinier hair for all hair types.


Apply the Hair Nutrition Mask - Magic Touch on clean and damp hair, spreading and massaging, lock-by-lock. Starting from the tips, going to the root. After application let it act for 30 seconds with or without heat source, then rinse.


Moisturized and smelling hair.


- 01 Paiolla Smooth Magic Touch Hair Nutrition Mask 500g/17.63 oz