Hair B-tox

Professional hair botox for hair hydration and recovery

The hair botox treatment is used to fill out the hair, returning the shine and elasticity. The big differential of Hair Botox is the fact that it is less aggressive than other treatments such as progressive.

On average a Botox treatment lasts about 30 days, but this varies from person to person, and product used. Using better quality brands also influences the result and duration time, in addition to the type of hair that is applied.

Hair Botox works as a smoothing agent?

Hair Botox is not exactly a hair straightening product like a progressive, because it has fewer chemical agents, but it helps to nourish, maintain the shine, and in the case of straight hair it can help make it even straighter. The result will also depend on how the product was applied, because if applied correctly it can indeed provide straighter hair, without frizz and volume.