Maria Escandalosa

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Maria Escandalosa is a brand that thinks on hair care, essential for those who wants to reduce hair volume without damaging it. Always seeking to invest in new formulas and components, offering the best product to its clients, promoting an intensive hair reconstruction treatment that leaves the hair straight, shiny and hydrated.

Maria Escandalosa is made with natural oils, which makes in its hair a deep hydration, leaving uniform and radiant.

One of the most searched products is Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush, it is developed with a hydrating blend based on argan oil, which promotes volume reduction, leaving hair straight for much more time.

We can't forget to talk about Maria Escandalosa Organic, which is a progressive without formaldehyde, its active is the Hydrolyzed Keratin, which helps on internal and external hair reconstruction, providing strength and structure to the hair.

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