Hair Straightening

Everything you need to know about the progressive brushing!

The progressive brush acts directly on the structure of the hair, modifying it, and reducing the volume and frizz of the hair, leaving it with a smoother and shinier appearance, and providing the effect expected by many people.

This treatment, in addition to making hair much more attractive and elegant, also makes daily life much easier, providing much less work when combing it, and reducing the need to waste time using hair dryers and flat irons.

Post-progressive treatment?

It is important to emphasize that the progressive also has negative effects, and the main one is dry hair, because when doing the treatment the hair tends to lose water, fat, and keratin.

To recover the dried hair ends it is very important to think about the hydration of the strands. And for this, hydration masks are essential! But attention: it is necessary to understand what your hair needs, and buy products that fit perfectly with its characteristics, and pay attention to use products compatible with hair that have chemistry.