Learn more about Revlon!!

Revlon is a professional brand, which seeks to be always in tune with fashion trends. Its formulas are generated through research, innovation, and cutting-edge technologies that ensure the best results for its products.

A reference brand in cosmetics, it values boldness, creativity, and passion. Its portfolio includes hair color, fragrances, beauty products, skin care, and hair care, among others.

Know a little about the products: Revlon Uniq One Treatment is a leave-in indicated for all kinds of hair, it hydrates the threads, reduces frizz and facilitates styling.

Revlon Equave Conditioner, by its turn, is indicated for dry and damaged hair. It is a biphasic conditioner that moisturizes, nourishes, softens, and untangles the hair strands.

One of its most sought-after products is Revlon Uniq One Green Tea, a no-rinse spray mask that provides sublime, protected, shiny, hydrated, and healthy hair.

Use it and know the results of the brand!