Paiolla 10-Tone Power White Plus Bleaching Powder 500g/17.63 oz

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Paiolla 10 Tones Power White Plus Bleaching Powder 500g/17.63 oz

The Power White Flash Powder Paiolla has an ultra-fast performance that with the concept of renewing and accelerating the discoloration procedures, providing convenience, strength and hydration to the hair fiber, decreasing the porosity and dryness of the wires.

Its formulation was developed with collagen and elastin, containing high technology, providing lightening in up to 10 tones, non-volatile (Dust Free), forming a creamy emulsion, providing fast and effective discoloration.


In a non-metallic container, mix in the proportion of 1 measure of the Power Blond Plus Platinum Paiolla Decolorizing Powder to 2 measures of the Light Plus Paiolla Stabilized Oxidizing Cream in the wvolumage for the chosen technique, until obtaining a homogeneous and creamy consistency, then apply the mixture with a brush on the desired locks.

The professional according to the degree of bleaching desired should control the time of action. After the pause time, rinse with warm water and wash the hair with Paiolla Shampoos.


White hair, prepared for the next coloring.


- 01 Paiolla 10 Shades Power White Plus Bleaching Powder 500g/17.63 oz