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Kit Onixx Brasil Gloss Free K10 Blond Volume Reduction 2x1L/2x33.8 fl.oz

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Kit Onixx Brasil Gloss Free K10 Blond Volume Reduction 2x1L/2x33.8 fl.oz

Considered the best Brazilian formaldehyde-free straightening smoothing system, Onixx Free K-10 has a Gloss Shape Modifier, developed with emollients and moisturizers that help restore and strengthen hair, leaving it straight for longer.

The Thickening Shampoo was developed with soft surfactants that provide greater cleanliness to the hair, leaving it lighter and looser.

The Onixx Free Shape Modifier Gloss was developed with moisturizing emollients that help restore and strengthen hair strands.

They act on the hair structure, softening the sulfur chains and shaping the hair with heat from flat irons and hair dryers.

Its main active ingredient is Seaweed Tannin Acid, which, added to the K-10 Complex, PROMOTES PERFECT SLOWING.

Suitable for blond hair and red hair wicks.


1 - Wash hair with pH9 Shampoo as many times as necessary for perfect opening of the cuticles;
2 - Dry hair with a towel;
3 - Apply the Gloss, leaving 1 cm from the scalp, spread with a fine comb all over the hair;
4 - Pause for 40 minutes for chemically treated hair and 50 minutes for Afro and Virgin hair;
5 - Rinse all the product, only with water;
6 - Flatten into very fine strands, at least 12 times on each strand, at a temperature of 200°C.


Straight hair, fully hydrated, with impeccable shine and magnificent scent.

Package Contents:

• 01 Onixx Brasil Free Dilating Shampoo K10 1L/33.8 fl.oz
• 01 Onixx Brasil Gloss Straightening Brush K10 Blond 1L/33.8 fl.oz