Onixx Brasil Blondes Blondes Matizer Kit against Yellowing

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Kit Onixx Brasil Blondes Shampoo 300ml/10.14 Conditioner 300ml/10.14 and Mask 250g/8.81 oz

Shampoo indicated for blond hair, gray hair, or hair with wicks, removes or prevents the yellow from the threads, leaving them much shinier and silkier. The Blondes Blond Shampoo has the action of a professional product, used in salons, with excellent results. It rebalances the pH of the hair, making it more hydrated. Daily Use

Blond Conditioner, suitable for blond hair, gray hair and hair with wicks, highly moisturizing, rebalances the pH by sealing the cuticles. It has the action of a professional product, used in salons, and last generation actives, that penetrate in the threads, moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening the hair. Daily use.

Moisturizing, matting and platinuming mask. Matizes blond hair, gray hair, red hair and hair with fuses, without yellowing. Conditions deeply, balances the pH of the hair. Blonde hair must be well hydrated.


Apply the Shampoo to humid hair, pause for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the degree of yellowing of the hair. If it is for prevention, leave it for 3 minutes, if it is yellowish; leave it for at least 5 minutes. Apply to dry hair after washing (Pause for 5 minutes to tint or prevent yellowing of blonde hair, gray hair and hair with highlights) or (Pause for 10 minutes for platinum hair). Apply the product to damp hair, if possible with a comb. Pause for 5 minutes and rinse with water. Finish as you wish.


Complete hydration and hair protected against yellowing .

Package Contents:

- 01 - Onixx Brasil Blond Blond Shampoo 300ml/10.14 fl.oz
- 01 - Onixx Brasil Blond Blond Conditioner 300ml/10.14 fl.oz
- 01 - Onixx Brasil Blondes Blond Mask 250g/8.81 fl.oz

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