Onixx Brasil K10 Complex Rebuilder Fluid 240ml/8.11 fl.oz

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Product Overview

Onixx Brazil Complex K10 Reconstruction Fluid 240ml/8.11 fl.oz

Reconstruction fluid highly efficient in the treatment of extremely damaged hair. It reconstructs the hair and protects it from the sun, sea, swimming pool and straightening plates.

It acts internally in the threads, a product designed to recuperate totally damaged hair, in which there has already been aggression, be it chemical, physical or environmental, chemical or rubbery hair. It stops falls and breaks. Replenishes capillary mass and nutrients providing new life to hair.


Apply the reconstructive fluid all over the hair. Pause for 10 minutes and then apply the mask or conditioner with the product still in the hair.


Smooth hair, fully moisturized, with impeccable shine and magnificent scent.

Package Contents:

- 01 Onixx Brazil Fluid Reconstructor Complex K10 240ml/8.11 fl.oz

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