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The Creams Firming Pimple Cream 200ml/6.76 fl.oz

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The Creams Firming Cream Barriguinha Cream 200ml/6.76 fl.oz

Barriguinha Cream is a firming cream and measure reducer. A treatment with natural active ingredients prevents and reduces fat accumulation. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reducing flabbiness.

With dermatologically tested actives, Barriguinha Creamhas a deep moisturizing effect on your tummy. Barriguinha Cream is very powerful; you can already notice my results in 5 minutes after application. You will have hydrated skin with more flexibility.

Thus, favoring the prevention and smoothing of stretch marks, without sacrifices and without spending much for it.

Prevents aging; activates circulation; improves softness and elasticity;


With clean skin, apply a sufficient amount of cream to cover the entire abdominal region. Reapply whenever you feel the need. Barriguinha Cream can also be used before massages inthis region.


Smooth, toned and visibly firmer skin

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- 01 The Creams Firming Cream Barriguinha Cream 200ml/6.76 fl.oz

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