Sallve Biphasic Micellar Rice Milk Facial 200ml/6.76 fl.oz

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Product Overview

Sallve Rice Micellar Milk Biphasic Facial 200ml/6.76 fl.oz

A convenient, gentle, no-rinse formula to cleanse your skin daily. Oil-free, our Biphasic Micellar Milk offers even the most sensitive skin everyday makeup removal, oil control without drying, and incredible radiance.
Its formula has Rice Milk in the composition and light surfactants (cleaning molecules), which clean without leaving the skin sticky or dry.

- Cleans and cleanses the face without drying it out
- No need to rinse and does not leave the skin sticky
- Removes pollution particles
- Controls oiliness


Apply a generous amount of the micellar water on clean, dry skin and spread it over the entire face without rinsing.


Effective cleansing, oil control and diminished appearance of pores.

Package Contents

- 01 Sallve Rice Milk Micellar Facial Biphasic 200ml/6.76 fl.oz