Lowell Hair Mask Fluence Color Shine 240g/8.46 oz

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Lowell Fluence Color Hair Mask Shine 240g/8.46 oz

Cappillary mask for colored hair or hair with wicks. The Lowell Fluence Color is a salon care at home preserving the color of the wires for much longer and still promoting softness and intense shine with a natural look.

Lowell Fluence Color has a rich texture and a satiny sensorial. The product increases the thickness of the hair, reduces porosity, promotes immediate sealing of the cuticles, providing softness, shine and extreme combing, in addition to preventing fading and prolonging the liveliness of the color.


After washing the hair with the shampoo, apply the mask. Rinse and finish as desired.


Hair with color preserved for longer.

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-01 Lowell Fluence Color Shine Hair Mask 240g/8.46 oz