Haskell Cassava Leave-In Growth 240g/8.46 oz

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Haskell Mandioca Leave-In Growth 240g/8.46 oz

It is a finishing cream that conditions the hair and has anti-frizz action, in addition to facilitating combing, untangling the strands. Ideal for promoting deep hydration and strengthening of the hair. It acts aligning the cuticles, promoting intense shine to opaque hair. Combined with manioc extract, this line is rich in vitamins and essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.


On clean and damp hair, apply a sufficient amount of the leave in on the palm of your hands.Spread evenly along the length of the hair and finish as desired. No rinsing. Boost the results using the whole Mandioca line.


Moisturized and smelling hair.

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01 Haskell Mandioca Leave-In Growth 240g/8.46 oz