Haskell Mask Cassava Growth 900g/31.7 oz

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Haskell Cassava Mask Growth 900g/31.7 oz

Promotes intense hydration to the hair, recovering its strength, shine and balance. Ideal for promoting deep hydration and strengthening of hair. It acts aligning the cuticles, promoting intense shine to dull hair. Combined with manioc extract, this line is richin vitamins and essential nutrients for healthy hair growth. Perfume direction: oriental floral.


After washing your hair, apply the mask lock by lock, from length to ends. Massage and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes. If you prefer, use athermal cap. Rinse then, removing the entire cream residue from the hair. Boost the results using the wholeMandioca line.


Moisturized and smelled hair.

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- 01 Haskell Cassava Mask Growth 900g/31.7 oz