Lowell Fluence Color Kit 4 Products 800ml/27.05 fl.oz

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Product Overview

Kit Lowell Fluence Color Shampoo 240ml/8.11 fl.oz Conditioner 200ml/6.8 fl.oz Leave-in 120ml/4.06 fl.oz and Mask 240g/8.47 oz

Lowell Fluence Color hasa rich texture and satiny sensory. The product increases the thickness of the threads, decreases porosity, promotes immediate sealing of the cuticles providing softness, shine and extreme combing, in addition to preventing fading and prolonging the liveliness of the color.

Shampoo Gentle and effective cleaning; Prevents fading and keeps color longer

Conditioner: Prevents fading and prolongs the liveliness of color, promotes
immediate sealing of thecuticles providing extreme softness, shine and combing.

Leave-In: Prevents fading and prolongs color vibrancy; protects color against degradation caused by ultraviolet rays; provides immediate cuticle sealing; reduces drying time.

Mask: Prevents fading and prolongs color vivacity; increases hair thickness; promotes immediate cuticle sealing for extreme softness, shine and combing; rich texture and satin sensorial; reduces porosity."


With damp hair, apply the shampoo, massaging and repeating as many times as necessary. Choose which you wish to apply next, the conditioner or the mask, and finish with the leave-in, from end to end, avoiding the roots


Colored hair for much longer and full of shine. Use the complete line for longer color durability.

Package Contents

- 01 Lowell Shampoo Fluence Color Shine 240ml/8.11 fl.oz
- 01 Lowell Fluence Color Shine Conditioner 200ml/6.8 fl.oz
- 01 Lowell Leave-In Fluence Color Shine 120ml/4.06 fl.oz
- 01 Lowell Fluence Color Shine Mask 240g/8.46 fl.oz