Lé Charme's Intensy Color Gold Matizador 150ml/5.07 fl.oz

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Lé Charme's Intensy Color Gold Tint 150ml/5.07 fl.oz

Intensy Color Gold is a tinting mask with yellowing effect, corrective for discolored blond hair, which treats hair that has oxidized over time. It neutralizes and corrects unwanted yellowish tones, while providing a progressive and gradual pearly effect to blond hair.

It can be used after discoloration of wicks, highlights and reflexes. For better color, maintenance apply once a week. Before applying, do the scramble test the result will depend on the tone of each hair.


Wash your hair well with the Shampoo of your preference from Lê Charme's. Remove some of the humidity with a towel. Add 1 measure of Intensy Color Gold Hue with 2 measures of white cream of your preference. Apply the hue, lock-by-lock, rubbing from theroots to the ends. Let it act for 3 to 10 minutes or until reaching the desired color. Then rinse until the product is completely removed.


Moisturized and smelling hair.


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