Lé Charme's Intensy Color Silver Matizador 300ml/10.14 fl.oz

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Lé Charme's Intensy Color Silver Matizador 300ml/10.14 fl.oz

Le Charmes Silver is a tinting mask indicated to eliminate the yellowish effect of blond, gray and white hair, caused by the action of time, UV rays, pollution and coloring. IntensyColor Silver Mask is a super modern product that came to end the suffering of blondes that suffer with yellowing hair.

Le Charmes Silver provides immediate results, leaving blond hair radiant and with a beautiful platinum tone. Intensy Color has the Yellow technology that prevents the yellowing of blonde hair and donates hydration and discipline to the strands.


With clean and damp hair apply Le Charmes Matizer lock by lock and leave on for 3 to 10 minutes and rinse. Finish as desired.

It can be applied after discoloration, highlights and reflections.

Use only once a week, it will already be enough to have your hair in the desired tone.


Hydrated and smelling hair.


- 01 Lé Charme's Intensy Color Silver Matizer 300ml/10.14 fl.oz

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