Zap Mega Repair Reconstruction Kit Shampoo Conditioner and Mask

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Zap Mega Repair Reconstruction Kit Shampoo Conditioner and Mask

Discover the ultimate solution for damaged hair with the Original Zap Mega Repair Reconstruction Kit! This complete kit offers an intensive care regimen to restore vitality to your hair, including:

Mega Repair Shampoo: Gentle cleansing that protects your hair without damaging it. Ideal for restoring hair mass, this shampoo closes the hair cuticles, maintaining hydration and essential nutrients while preventing future damage.
Mega Repair Conditioner: Revitalize damaged, lifeless hair with our advanced formula. The conditioner penetrates deep into the hair, strengthening it, rebuilding its structure and providing long-lasting resistance.
Mega Repair Mask 950g: An intensive treatment that is a feast of nutrients and vitamins for your hair. This mask stimulates growth, helps restore hair and promotes deep recovery of the hair structure, leaving your hair nourished, strong and incredibly healthy.
How to use: After washing your hair with Mega Repair Shampoo, apply a generous amount of Mega Repair Mask to wet hair, massaging gently along the entire length of the hair. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
With the Zap Mega Repair Original Reconstruction Kit, your hair not only recovers its health and shine, but also gains a new lease of life, full of strength and resistance. Transform your hair and reveal its true beauty!

Package contents:
1- Mega Repair Shampoo 1l/33.81fl.oz
1- Mega Repair Conditioner 1l33.81fl.oz
1- Mega Repair Mask 950g/33.51oz