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Widi Care Strengthening Hair Mask Growth and Strengthening 300g/10.5 oz

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Product Overview

Widi Care Strengthening Hair Mask Growth and Strengthening 300g/10.5 oz

Hair mask. Widi Care Hair Growth and Strengthening revitalizes the scalp, stimulating the growth of new, strong and shiny hair.

Widi Care Hair Mask Growth and Strengthening activates local circulation, allowing the nutrients in the formula to act on the hair. The active ingredients strengthen and reconstruct the hair, helping to increase the volume and thickness of the strands.


Biotin: Strengthens the hair and aids growth.

Caffeine: Helps blood flow to the scalp, allowing the active ingredients in the line to penetrate.

Amino acids: Revitalizes hair from the root, reinforcing structures, stimulating growth and helping to thicken it.

Proharin®: Increases the synthesis of hair anchoring proteins - repairing action for the scalp.

Application Tip

After shampooing, remove excess water and apply a generous amount of the mask. Lather all over the hair from root to tip and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and finish as usual.

To improve the results of the hair mask, apply it to damp hair rather than wet hair. Excess water dilutes the product's active ingredients, reducing its effectiveness.


Strengthened, revitalized and shiny hair.

Package contents:

  • 01- Widi Care Hair Growth Strengthening Mask 300g/10.5 oz