Truss Peroxide Emulsion 6 Volume Vip 950ml/32.12 fl.oz

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Product Overview

Truss Peroxide Emulsion 6 Volumes Vip 950ml/32.12 fl.oz

It considerably softens the aggressions on the hair during the coloring and discoloration processes.

Because it contains the active Collage and Lanoline, it treats while it transforms, preserving the resistance, flexibility and shine of the threads. In the discoloration process with TRUSS Discoloring Powder, it helps in bleaching the melanin (natural pigments) of virgin hair and in removing, the artificial pigments present in previously colored hair.

In the permanent coloring process, it is responsible for melanin bleaching (natural pigments), revealing and fixing the artificial pigments.


Touch Test: Prepare a little of the product as you intend to use it and apply a small amount behind the ear or on the forearm. Wait for a 10-minute pause and wash the area. Wait for 24 hours. If skinirritation, burning sensation, or itching occurs, do not use the product. It is proven hypersensitive to the product.

Discolorations: Mix two parts of Emulsion TRUSS 6 Volumes with one part of the Trussbleaching powder of your choice in a plastic container, mix until you obtain a homogeneous cream.


Safe bleaching with perfect coverage of whites.

Package Contents:

- 01 Truss Oxygenated Water Emulsion 6 Volumes Vip 950ml/32.12 fl.oz