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Soupleliss Mask Algodão Doce Cotton Candy Nutrition Softness Shine Hair Care 300g/10.58 oz

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Product Overview


The Souple Liss Cotton Candy Line was developed with the finest raw materials and oils to develop vitamins and nutrition for the wires, leaving them with much more shine, lightness, softness, smoothness and cloudy aspect and effect.

The Souple Liss Sweet Cotton Nourishing Mask is rich in oils, amino acids and vitamins, leaving hair much softer, smoother, nourishing and with life.

Application: After washing the hair with the Souple Liss Cotton Candy Shampoo, wet the hair and apply the Souple Liss Cotton Candy Nourishing Mask from the lengths to the ends, massaging gently the hair. Let it act for 10 minutes for perfect nutrition, rinse with plenty of water and finish with Souple Liss Cotton Candy Conditioner.


Hair with shine, lightness, softness and cloud-like appearance and effect.