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Robson Peluquero Kit de Tratamento CCRP 4 Passos

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Robson Peluquero CCRP 4 Step Treatment Kit

Completely transform the health and beauty of your hair with the innovative Robson Peluquero 4-Step CCRP Treatment Kit. Developed especially for professional hairdressers looking to offer their clients not only a stunning visual change, but also deep hair restoration after chemical procedures. This exclusive kit is the ultimate solution for damaged hair, guaranteeing complete recovery and dazzling shine.

CCRP Shampoo (500ml): Gentle cleansing and preparation of the hair for intensive treatment.
CCRP Point 1 (500ml): Enriched with amino acids, bio acetum and keratin, it provides strength and resistance, restoring the natural elasticity of hair affected by chemical procedures.
CCRP Point 2 (500ml): With collagen, shea butter, healing herbal extracts, fatty acids and a blend of noble oils, it offers emollience, deep reconstruction and revitalization from the inside of the hair.
CCRP Ponto 3 (300ml): A pure, antioxidant Argan oil free of silicones, it protects against free radicals, with DiffusX technology that creates an invisible veil of protection without weighing the hair down.

Nutrient replenishment: The CCRP Kit replenishes vital nutrients such as amino acids and lipids, essential for keeping hair beautiful and healthy.
Impact Technology: Equipped with the latest hair treatment technology, it promotes powerful reconstruction and restores the hair fiber from severe damage, restoring elasticity and natural emollience.
Protection and Shine: As well as restoring, the kit protects hair against future damage and free radicals, guaranteeing a luminous and healthy finish.
Ideal for all hair types and chemical histories, the Robson Peluquero 4-Step CCRP Treatment Kit is the perfect choice for professionals who won't settle for anything less than excellence in hair care. Get yours now and offer an unprecedented transformation and restoration service.

Package contents: 
CCRP Shampoo 500ml16.9fl.oz
CCRP Ponto 1 500ml16.9fl.oz

CCRP Point 2 500ml16.9fl.oz
CCRP Point 3 300ml10.14fl.oz