Kit Borabella Progressive Don't Cry More Definitive Organic Não Chore Mais Hair Care 2x1L/2x33.8fl.oz

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Progressive Borabella Don't Cry Anymore Organic 2x1L/33.8fl.oz

The progressive Borabella controls the volume, eliminating completely the frizz, leaving the hair disciplined, light and soft.

The progressive stands out for providing perfect and natural straightness, besides the high durability of the straight effect for up to 4 months.


With the hair lightly wet apply the product using brush, glove and a fine comb to distribute evenly from the root to the ends, always avoiding the scalp.

Leave it on for 40 minutes

After the pause, rinse 100% the product just with water, dry totally the hair with the help of the hair dryer doing a quick brushing to align the hair.

Split in fine wicks from 12 to 15 times

Once the board process is finished, the hair will be ready sealed, soft and shiny.


Your hair straight, soft and with intense shine

Package contents

  • 01 Progressive Borrabella No More Crying Organic 2x1L/33.8fl.oz


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