Let Me Be

Kit Let Me Be Progressive Supreme Mask Keratin Intense Shine 2x500ml/2x16.9fl.oz

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Product Overview


Let Me Be without single-step formaldehyde was developed with new technology capable of restoring and preventing aging of the hair strands in a single application step, in addition to dispensing the prewash. Because it is organic 0% formaldehyde does not cause any discomfort, it does not smell and does not burn eyes.

We have a unique and exclusive formulation developed with a blend of amino acids and proteins that in synergy give the result of smoothing.

Application: Divide the hair into four parts. Starting at the nape of the neck, apply the product through the hair extension, wick to wick, with the aid of a brush and comb. Wait approximately 40 minutes, depending on the thickness and degree of porosity of the hair strand.

Rinse and draw from 30% to 40% of the product. Dry 100% hair strands only with dryer and hands (without brushing). Plank very thin wicks from 10 to 15 times with the board at 230. Rinse the hair and apply a conditioner or moisturizing mask.

Tip: We advise that the use of the product is carried out by a professional.


Promotes softness and restoration to hair strands, reducing the volume and eliminating frizz.