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Prime Pro Extreme Shampoo Bio Tanix 1l/33.81fl.oz

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Prime Pro Extreme Shampoo Bio Tanix

Discover Prime Pro's Bio Tanix Extreme Shampoo, an essential part of the Force-Plastia range, designed to straighten even the toughest hair. This innovative shampoo not only reduces volume and eliminates frizz from the first application, but also ensures that lighter hair remains free of yellowing and that colored hair tones remain vibrant and intense.
Enriched with the exclusive Bio Tanix Relax System, Bio Tanix Extreme Shampoo opens the door to countless possibilities for professional services, allowing for practical straightening of extremely resistant hair and effective relaxation of curls. Its advanced formula contains lotus extract, known for its purifying properties, which cleanses the hair in a controlled manner, removing impurities and preparing the hair to fully absorb the benefits of subsequent treatments.
Ideal for professionals seeking excellence in hair care, Bio Tanix Extreme Shampoo is the perfect choice for transforming unruly hair into aligned, silky and full of life strands, without compromising health or color. Give your hair the treatment it deserves with the effectiveness and quality of Prime Pro.

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1- Prime Pro Extreme Shampoo Bio Tanix 1l/33.81fl.oz