Plastica dos Fios

Plastica dos Fios Primer Leave-in Finesher 110ml/3.72fl.oz

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Plástica dos Fios Primer Protetor Térmico Leave-in 110ml/3.7 fl.oz

Plástica dos Fios Primer Treatment with 5 benefits in only one product to maintain the progressive. Plástica dos Fios Primer prepares the hair for modeling and frizz fighting.

It protects the hair from thermal heat, restores damaged capillary fibers, strengthens, prevents breakage and prolongs the straight effect. Plástica dos Fios Primer leaves your hair healthy and hydrated.

Plástica dos Fios Primer has in its formula Açaí Extract, rich in nutrients such as vitamins. Its antioxidant and protective action promotes a complete regeneration of the strands, moisturizing them in an effective and prolonged manner.

Amino acids that balance the structure of the threads from the aggressions caused by excessive use of hair dryers and flat iron. Increases its malleability and elasticity, making the hair softer and extremely easy to comb.


With clean and humid hair, apply a small amount of Plástica dos Fios Primer, modeling as desired.

It can be used before hair dryer, straightening iron or thermal curlers.


Protected, recovered and frizz-free hair.

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- 01 Plástica dos Fios Primer Thermal Protector 110ml/3.7 fl.oz