Onixx Brasil Stabilized Creamy Emulsion OX 10 Volumes 900ml/30.43 fl.oz

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Onixx Stabilized Creamy Emulsion OX 10 Volumes 900ml/30.43 fl.oz

A creamy, mildly scented oxidizing emulsion containing hydrogen peroxide, indicated to activate oxidizing coloration and bleaching powder.

Its creaminess and consistency make it easy to mix with the coloring paste and dispersion of the bleaching powder, and should be used in the proportion indicated in the directions for use of both the oxidizing colorant and the bleaching powder.

It provides protection and simultaneous cosmetic treatment of hydration and emolliency while potentiating the action of the coloring and bleaching powder. Formula enriched with Collagen Protein that improves flexibility and malleability making the hair soft.


In a non-metallic recipient follow the dosage recommended in the coloring or bleaching powder.


Hair ready for the next coloring.

Package Contents:

- 01 Onixx Creamy and Stabilized Emulsion OX 10 Volumes 900ml

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