Kit Madamelis Progressive Liss Ultimate Hair Straightening Free Frizz Hair Care 2x300ml/2x10.1fl.oz

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Product Overview


The Madamelis Ultimate progressive brush was developed to straighten even the most rebellious and chemically treated hair. Its formula, with essential oils restructures the internal hair fiber, promoting a deep volume reduction. Antioxidant, helps combat frizz, giving softness and discipline.


Madame Lis Anti Residue Shampoo 300ml: deeply cleanses the hair removing the residues, impurities and excess of products deposited in the hair fiber, providing clean hair with the opening of cuticles.

Madame Lis Bio Redun Treatment 300ml: has a volume reducing agent and provides realignment of the hair surface, giving the hair a temporarily straight and disciplined effect.

Application Advice

Step 1: Apply the Anti-residue Shampoo on wet hair, massaging gently. Rinse. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary.

Step 2: Dry hair in 80%, divide it in 4 parts and apply the Heat Treatment, lock by lock, keeping 1,5 cm from the root. Leave for 10 minutes. Then, make a smooth brush drying the hair completely. Finish by boarding in fine wicks, 7 to 10 times each.


Natural smooth hair with movement.


We recommend that it be applied by a professional.
We recommend a lock of hair test before treatment