Kit Madamelis Progressive Bambarrô Cacao Extrat Straight Hair Professional Use 2x1L/2x33.8fl.oz

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Product Overview


Developed with Moroccan technology, or Moroccan Bambarrô Treatment balances and enhances the hair, reconstructing a hair fiber.
Its mission consists in repairing existing deformities in the cuticles and cortex of the hair, allowing a maximum straightening effect.
Recommended for all hair types. Especially the necessary volume.
It is compatible with all types of chemistry.


- Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1L;
- Antifrizz Mask 1L


- Wash hair with Step 1 Anti Residue Shampoo and massage gently. Rinse with abundant water and repeat the application twice, stopping acting for 5 to 10 minutes.
- Hold 100% of hair with the hot hairdryer
- Divide the hair into four parts and apply the Bamboo Wires Reconstruction Mask Step 2. Keep 1 cm from the root, using a preferably fine comb to spread evenly over the hair.
- Remove excess product with the aid of a towel and dry at low temperature.
- Divide hair again into four parts and plank into small fine locks 7 to 10 times to select the cuticles and activate the product.
- Wait 15 minutes and rinse all the hair with plenty of water.


Incredibly straight, smooth and natural straight hair.