Lowell Hair Schedule Complete Hydration 480g/16.93 oz

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Lowell Cronograma Capilar Complete Hydration 480g/16.93 oz

Cronograma Capilar Lowell for a beautiful hair and above all healthy. It has 3 intensive treatments: Blueberry Hydration, Protect Care Nutrition and Bioplasty Reconstruction, and the shampoo, which is indispensable in all stages of this care ritual.

The hydration mask, made with the objective of keeping hair straight and hydrated. Followed by the bioplasty, to redefine broken or damaged hair. Finally, the Protect Care, giving you a shield, protecting your hair from any kind of damage or injury, leaving you completely unconcerned.


Follow the chronogram calendar, with the correct orders!


Moisturized, clean and protected hair!

Package Contents

- 01 Lowell Shampoo 240ml/8.11 fl.oz
- 01 Lowell Rebuilding Mask 80g/2.82 oz
- 01 Lowell Nutrition Mask 80g/2.82 oz
- 01 Lowell Moisturizing Mask 80g/2.82 oz

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