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Lola Mask Drama Queen Coconut Restoring Cream Nourishing 230g/8.11 oz

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Lola Mask Drama Queen Coconut Restoring Cream Máscara Restaurador 230g/8.11 oz

Lola Drama Queen Coconut Nutrition Mask is indicated for dry and fragile hair. It replenishes all the moisture in the hair, nourishes and gives softness.

The Drama Queen Mask restores lost nutrients and regenerates the hair fiber. It leaves hair more resistant and healthy from the inside out.

Drama Queen Lola has a formula that deeply nourishes dry or chemically treated hair, making it softer and silkier.


With clean and wet hair, apply the Drama Queen Mask on the lengths and ends.

Leave applied for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse.


Nourished, strengthened, hydrated and soft hair.

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• 01 Lola Drama Queen Coconut Restoring Cream 230g/8.11 oz