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Kit Silicon Mix Bambu Shampoo 236ml/7.9fl.oz + Nourishing Treatment Mask 225g/7.9fl.oz

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Kit Silicon Mix Bambu Shampoo 236ml/7.9fl.oz + Bambu Nourishing Treatment Mask 225g/7.9fl.oz

Silicon Mix Bambu natural treatment indicated to regenerate, nourish and give softness to hair. Designed to prevent breakage and split ends, it contains vitamin complex, safflower and almond oils, which improve the health and beauty of hair.

Bambu Nourishing Shampoo provides gentle cleansing, nourishes and helps hair growth.

The Bambu Nourishing Mask, besides nourishing, improves the hair health, prevents breaks and split ends.

The main benefit of the kit is the natural volume control, shine and softness.


Apply to wet hair, massaging gently until it foams. Rinse abundantly and repeat the process if you feel the need.

After washing the hair with Bambu Shampoo, apply the Bambu Nourishing Mask from lengths to ends, massaging gently. Let it act for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

We do not recommend daily use.


Nourished, hydrated and recovered hair.

Package Contents

- 01 Silicon Mix Bambu Shampoo 236ml/7.9fl.oz
- 01 Silicon Mix Nourishing Treatment Mask Bambu 225g/7.9fl.oz