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Kit Richée Detox Care Energizing Shampoo + Multifunctional Mask 2x250ml/8.45 fl.oz

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Product Overview

Kit Richée Detox Care Shampoo Energizing 250ml/8.45 fl.oz + Multifunctional Mask 250g/8.81 oz

Developed with excellent assets, the Kit Richée Detox Shampoo + Mask is ideal for cleaning and moisturizing the hair, providing hair growth.

Energizing Shampoo: With refreshing action that provides light hair, shiny and clean feeling for much longer.

Multifunctional Mask: Balances the oiliness between root and tip, leaving hair manageable, healthy, and with incredible growth.


Energizing Shampoo: Apply the Energizing Shampoo to damp hair and massage gently, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat application if necessary.

Multi-Functional Mask: On clean, damp hair, apply the Multi-Functional Mask to the scalp and the length of the hair and massage gently. Leave a pause time of 5 to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Finish as desired.


Clean, soft, refreshing and shiny hair.

Package Contents

- 01 Energizing Shampoo 250ml/8.45 fl.oz
- 01 Multifunctional Mask 250g/8.81 fl.oz


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