Kit Professional Progressive Zap Me Leva 2x1L/2x35.2 fl.oz and Ztox Zero Conditioning Mask 950g/32.12 fl. oz

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Kit Professional Progressive Zap Takes Me 2x1L/2x35.2 fl.oz and Ztox Zero Conditioning Mask Canola and Castor 950g/32.12 fl. oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Zap Progressiva Professional Kit deeply and intensely treats hair that has been damaged and promotes the repair of the capillary fiber where it fixes the restructuring elements in the most damaged areas.

Zap Shampoo Deep Cleansing Takes Me 1 liter: Promotes intense cleansing and removal of accumulated residues that leave hair dull, heavy and lifeless.

Zap Me Leva Conditioning Capillary Mask 1 liter: Treats hair intensely and deeply, repairing the damage caused by external agents and chemical treatments.

Zap Ztox Zero Canola and Castor Bean Conditioning Mask: Promotes hair fiber repair where it fixes restructuring elements in the most damaged areas of the hair.


Zap Me Progressive Kit

Apply the Zap ME LEVA Deep Cleaning Shampoo to wet hair and massage the hair from roots to ends. Then rinse thoroughly.

Note: Step 1 has to be done 3 times. The third time, let the shampoo act on the hair for 15 minutes, and then rinse.

Divide the hair in 4 parts and apply the Zap Me Leva Capillary Treatment lock by lock, starting from the back of the neck, with a minimum distance from the root.

After application, remove product excess with a towel, dry hair completely with a hair dryer on cold or warm temperature, and align hair with a brush to remove knots.

To finish the process, flat iron the hair an average of 15 to 20 times on each lock.

Wait for the hair to cool down, and then wash it with the shampoo and conditioner of your preference.

Zap Ztox Zero Conditioning Mask

After washing, and with hair still damp, apply a quantity of the Mask all over the hair, wrapping each strand;

Leave applied for 20 minutes;

Rinse partially. Brush, straighten and finish as desired.


Hair extremely aligned, soft and extremely shiny.

Package Contents

- 01 Zap Takes Me Professional Progressive Kit 2x1L/2x35.2 fl. oz
- 01 Zap Ztox Zero Conditioning Mask 950g/32.1 fl.oz