Kit Madamelis Shampoo Conditioner Mask Elegance Special Moments Hair Care 3 Units

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Product Overview


The Elegance line provides softness, reconstruction and cleanliness to the hair in a soft way, leaving it loose and shiny. In its composition we find Macadamia Oil that contributes to the production of collagen, acting on the fixation of hair and scalp.
It contains:
Madamelis Elegance Shampoo 300ml /10.1fl.oz
Madamelis Elegance Conditioner 300ml /10.1fl.oz
Madamelis Elegance Mask 500g /17.6fl.oz

Apply the Shampoo on wet hair, massaging gently with fingertips, never with nails. Rinse then and repeat application if necessary. Apply the Conditioner on the length and ends of the hair, gliding it. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse. Apply the Mask to glue it on. Let it act for some minutes and rinse. Finish as you wish.
Clean, light and hydrated hair.