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Kit American Desire Progressive Brush Treatment Clean Force Nutritive Professional Use 2x250ml/2x8.45fl.oz

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American Desire Progressive Formaldehyde Fusion Brush Free Brush 250ml/8,45fl.oz

Progressive Fusion Brush for all kinds of hair, has frizz repairing action, straightening and moisturizing your hair.

Clean Force American Desire Shampoo has an exclusive formula with the best compounds and best combinations which results in absolute control and malleability.

Reductor Nutritive American Desire is the ideal for damaged and frizz hair. It provides volume reduction, with radiant shine and complete finishing.


Apply the Clean Force Shampoo on wet hair distributing it evenly and massage gently. Then, rinse.

Apply Reductor Nutritive, lock by lock, using a brush. Apply at ½ cm from the root.

Realign the hair in all extension with a fine comb. Wait for 30 minutes and then rinse only with water.

Then brush the hair, with the help of a dryer. Use the plank, fine at 220º C, in fine locks, from the root to the ends, 20 to 30 times.


Your hair reconstructed, hydrated and free of frizz.

Package contents

  • 01 American Desire 250ml/8,45fl.oz Cleaning Shampoo
  • 01 American Desire 250ml/8,45fl.oz Volume Reducer