Inoar Blends Collection Vitamin C Duo Kit Shampoo + Conditioner 2x1L/2x33.8 fl.oz

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Kit Inoar Blends Collection Vitamin C Duo Shampoo + Conditioner Coconut Avocado Argan Vegan 2x1L/2x33.8 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, the Inoar Blends Collection Duo Viatamina C Kit restores hair manageability and provides much shine.

Its formula contains properties that help in the daily personal care routine, providing the evolution of the hair's healthy and beautiful aspect while protecting it from drying and external aggressions.

Inoar Blends Collection Duo Shampoo: Cleanses and increases shine and softness.

Inoar Blends Duo Conditioner: Detangles and provides deep hydration.


On wet hair, apply the Shampoo and massage gently until lather is obtained. Then rinse well and, if necessary, repeat the process again.

Apply the Conditioner to wet hair from lengths to ends and massage gently. Wait a few moments and rinse thoroughly. Finish as you wish.


Clean, hydrated and shiny hair.

Package Contents

- 01 Inoar Blends Collection Duo Shampoo 1L/33.8 fl.oz
- 01 Inoar Blends Collection Duo Conditioner 1L/33.8 fl.oz




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