Haskell Murumuru Nectar Concentrado 35ml/1.18 fl.oz

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Haskell Murumuru Nectar Concentrate 35ml/1.18 fl.oz

It is a concentrated, highly nourishing oil that forms a protective barrier and retains moisture inside the hair fiber, protecting the hair from damage. Developed to intensely nourish dry and lifeless hair. This line acts deeply in the hair fiber, filling fissures and aligning cuticles. The active Murumuru Butter, combined with a concentrated formulation, recovers dehydrated hair without nutrients and restores shine, elasticity, and vitality to the hair. Perfume direction: oriental, fruity, woody, amber.


On wet or dry hair, apply a sufficient amount on the palm of yourhands and spread the product evenly from lengths to ends.
For humectation: on dry hair, apply the Nectar, and leave it on for 2 hours during the day, or all night long, washing the hair after the action time. Boost the results using the whole Murumuru line.


Moisturized and smelled hair.

Package Contents

- 01 Haskell Murumuru Nectar Concentrate 35ml/1.18 fl.oz

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