Fairy Godmother Progressive Kit 2x300ml/2x10.14 fl.oz

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Kit Fairy Godmother Progressive Paiolla Shampoo and Reconstructive Mas 2x300ml/2x10.14 fl.oz

Fairy Godmother Progressive was developed with reconstructive properties that strengthen the structure of the hair fiber reducing the volume, aligning the wires, leaving them healthier, soft and hydrated, with the perfect smooth effect.

The Paiolla Fairy Godmother Progressive promotes hair reconstruction for various types of hair, while smoothing and deeply moisturizing the wires.


Wash the hair with thePreparation Shampoo, massaging gently. Rinse until the entire product is removed.

Dry the hair 80% with a hair dryer, separate the hair into fine locks andapply the Reconstruction Mask with the help of a brush along the entire length of the hair.
Leave applied for 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the result of the lock test).
Dry again 80% of the hair and iron fine locks.
*Rinsing is not necessary the same day.
NOTE: We recommend always performing a lock test.


Moisturized and straight hair.

Package Contents

- 01 Fairy Godmother Preparation Shampoo Step 1 - 300ml/10.14 fl.oz
- 01 Fairy Godmother Reconstruction Mask Step 2 - 300ml/10.14 fl.oz

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