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Expert Hair Professional Softcare Home Care Kit

This hair care kit is designed for those who want to achieve salon results in the comfort of their own homes. Composed of a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, the Expert Hair Professional Kit is ideal for all hair types.

Directions for use:
Shampoo: Apply a generous amount of shampoo to wet hair. Massage the scalp and hair gently with your fingertips to form a lather. Rinse thoroughly.
Conditioner: After washing with the shampoo, apply the conditioner from the middle to the ends of the hair. Leave on for a few minutes to deeply moisturize. Rinse thoroughly.

Expected results:
Deep Cleansing: The shampoo effectively cleanses the scalp and hair, removing impurities and residue without drying it out.
Hydration and Softness: The conditioner provides intense hydration, leaving hair soft and easy to comb.
Shine and Vitality: With regular use, hair gains a natural shine and a healthier, revitalized appearance.
Strand Strengthening: Nourishing ingredients help strengthen hair, reducing breakage and split ends.
Ideal for daily use, the Expert Hair Professional Softcare Home Care Kit is the perfect choice for keeping your hair healthy, beautiful and well cared for.

Package contents:
1-Expert Hair - Softcare Shampoo 1L33.81fl.oz
1-Expert Hair - Softcare Conditioner 1L33.81fl.oz