Braé Mask Revival Deep Recovery Hair Hydration Reconstructor Hair Care 500g/17.6 oz

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Product Overview

Braé Hair Care, a brand synonymous with healthy hair, has developed the Revival line, a powerful line of recovery with immediate impact on porous, damaged and brittle hair. Its exclusive technology gradually reconstructs all layers of hair fiber, providing intensely renewed, healthy and shiny hair.

The Revival rescue mask has actives that help recover hair fibers and create a protective cocoon around the hair, thus keeping it hydrated and protected.

Main Actives
- Ojon Oil: known as "Caribbean Miracle", is an oil rich in lipids, fatty acids, amino acids and natural antioxidants, essences needed to keep hair healthy. It penetrates deeply into the hair, obtaining better effects on damaged hair, because it recovers the hair cells.
- Amino acids: amino acids are quaternary compounds and are part of the construction of hair proteins. Once the hair loses amino acids, it is important to replace them, because they are essential in hair reconstruction processes.
- Keratin Protein: promotes vitality to the hair. Rich in glycine, cystine, cysteine and essential amino acids. It provides mass replacement in the hair thus allowing a uniform and healthy growth.

With clean and damp hair, apply the mask lock by lock starting at the ends. 
Massage gently until you reach the root. 
Leave for 10 minutes. 
Rinse. Finish as you wish.
Moisturized, renewed and shiny hair