How to care colored hair!

How to care colored hair!

17th Jan 2022

Having colored hair is the desire of many people and the trends do not stop: there are several styles and colors, all beautiful. The galaxy styles, rainbow, peacock feather and even watermelon are some of those that are successful until today.

Women who use and test colors know the work that colored hair does in everyday life. Therefore, to keep them beautiful and healthy, a lot of  care is needed. So, we separate some tips for you that will make all the difference in the durability and intensity of your hair color.

Consult an expert

For those who have never painted the strands, the best option is to consult a color specialist. This way, you are guaranteed to achieve the result you want without damaging your hair. Look for indications and look for professionals who work with fantasy colors to help you achieve the perfect result.

Hydration is indispensable!

Even before coloring the strands, try to do a power hydration at home or in the salon, a week before. The  discoloration leaves the hair dry and removes the natural proteins from the threads. For this reason, moisturizing the strands is essential for the pigment to fix in the threads and replenish all the necessary nutrients. That is why maintaining a  treatment routine after coloring the hair is also essential. Thus, you improve the retention of nutrients and pigments, and keep the hair radiant and silky.

Do the lock test

Before performing any chemistry on your hair do a lock test! Discoloration in dark hair is inevitable and aggressive to the threads. Therefore, doing the test is super important. So, you can be sure that your hair will resist the procedure. In case the lock test does not work, the recommended thing is to look for a specialist to perform the necessary  treatments.

Wash the colored hair less often

Try not to wash the highlights so often, as this makes the color fade more easily. Colored hair gets drier and does not need as much washing as before. If necessary, try to use a dry  shampoo to absorb the excess oiliness and revitalize the threads.

Another important factor is the water temperature. The hot water dries the threads, besides leaving the scalp more oily and accelerating the color fading. For this reason, try to wash the strands with warm water and finish with cold water. This is because the cold water aligns the cuticles and leaves the strands shinier. Moreover, it helps to seal the cuticles that keep the nutrients inside the capillary fiber protected.

Sun, sea water and pool

Water, in general, is one of the main dilemmas of coloured hair. For this reason, avoid diving into the sea and the pool frequently. Because not only salt but also chlorine accumulate in the hair fiber and collaborate with fading. As soon as you take a bath in the sea or pool, wash the strands with clean water to avoid this accumulation of residues.

The sun is also another main factor that collaborates with the fading of the color of the strands. Therefore, the use of capillary products with UVA and UVB protection factor is essential. After the application of thermal protectors, wash the strands normally to avoid unnecessary accumulation of residues.

In addition, it is worth using and abusing hats, caps and scarves when exposed to the sun.

Use products for your colored hair

The tip is basic but very important: use specific products for colored hair. Choose formulas that removes impurities and residues without removing the pigments and that are more  hydrating. These products have a more acid pH that closes the cuticles, which makes the pigment last longer.

Protect your colored hair from heat

Heat tools such as dryer, plate and babyliss should be used with great care. These devices release high temperatures to model the texture of the threads, in return they end up damaging the cuticles of the fiber, causing dryness and facilitating fading.

The tip is to avoid the excessive use of these tools. But, if necessary, prepare the strands before with a thermal protector for colored hair. Also avoid holding the same lock on the device for a long time so as not to burn the threads.

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