Hair Color and Cut Trends for Autumn/Winter 2024

Posted by Barbosa, Larissa on 24th May 2024

Hair Color and Cut Trends for Autumn/Winter 2024

With the arrival of fall and winter, it's time to update your look and get ready for the season's trends. If you're thinking of changing the look of your hair, check out some of the main color and cut trends for autumn-winter 2024:

Hair Colors

Warm browns: Warm brown tones, such as caramel and hazelnut, are on the rise this fall-winter. These colors add depth and warmth to the hair, creating a warm and sophisticated look.

Natural blondes: For those who prefer lighter shades, natural blondes are in the spotlight. Opt for soft shades of blonde, such as honey blonde and golden blonde, for a luminous and elegant look.

Intense Reds: Vibrant red hair is a bold and modern choice for the fall-winter season. Shades of copper and deep red add drama and personality to the look.

Lightened brunettes: For those who want to keep their hair dark, lightened brunettes are an excellent option. Add subtle highlights of color, such as caramel or chocolate, to create dimension and shine to the hair.


Blunt Bob: The blunt bob cut, with its straight line and chin-length length, continues to be a popular choice for fall-winter 2024. This modern and elegant cut is versatile and looks good on different hair textures.

Soft Layers: For those who prefer long hair, soft layers are a great option for adding movement and volume to the strands. This cut is ideal for straight or wavy hair and gives a sophisticated, uncluttered look.

Curtain bangs: Curtain bangs, also known as curtain bangs, are a strong trend for this season. These long, parted bangs add a retro-chic vibe to the look and highlight the facial features.

Textured Pixie Cut: For those who like short cuts, the textured pixie cut is a bold and stylish choice. This short, unfussy cut is perfect for highlighting facial features and creating a modern, cool look.

Hair Care

Regardless of the cut or color you choose, it's important to take good care of your hair to keep it healthy and beautiful. Use quality products, such as shampoos and conditioners specifically for your hair type, and don't forget to moisturize your hair regularly to keep it soft and shiny.

With these color trends and haircuts, you'll be ready to rock this autumn-winter. Try out new colors, explore modern cuts and have fun with your look!