Do you know how to get a straight hair the right way? Check these 4 tips!

17th Jan 2022

Do you know how to get a straight hair the right way? Check these 4 tips!

Although the current fashion trends exalt variety and diversity when talking about hair, getting a straight hair and without frizz is still the desire of many customers who go to beauty salons and beauty centers looking for professional guidance to achieve straight and healthy hair strands.

Currently, professionals find the most diverse straightening options available in the market, each type with different components and varied results. From "lighter" chemicals to stronger procedures, with the addition of formaldehyde, different hair techniques and treatments fill the store shelves for beauty professionals.

However, in addition to the most used brands and products, it is important that the hairdresser understands what type of hair blow-dry is the most appropriate for each hair, knowing the main active ingredients present in the treatments' formulas.

In this way, aside from offering customers the desired result, the professional avoids products that are too aggressive to the shape and structure of the hair strands, resulting in straight, and at the same time, strong and healthy hairs.

1 - Frizzy hair

The frizzy hair's texture is the one that needs more attention and care when it comes to straightening, since the strands are usually thin and fragile, and a very aggressive procedure may damage them. The hairdresser should always perform a strand test to evaluate if the hair strands will resist the straightening without suffering much damage. It is also important that the professional knows the history of chemicals and treatments already performed by the customer, after all, some capillary procedures are incompatible.

The most suitable for straightening frizzy hair are products whose active ingredients are able to change the shape of the strands. Some common examples are sodium and guanidine hydroxides, or ammonium thioglycolate, which are known to be very effective elements for a healthy hair straightening procedure.

Among the best-known techniques that use these active ingredients to get a straight hair, we can mention the Botox blow-dry, which has amino acids that penetrate the hair cuticles and realign their structure, or the American blow-dry, known for the natural straight effect and long-lasting results.

2 - Curly hair

The curly hair strands are very beautiful and offer a range of possibilities for hairstyles and such. However, for customers who want to change the look and bet on straight strands, there are efficient solutions between the permanent hair blow-drys.

For healthy hairs that have not been discolored or subjected to other chemicals, several procedures can be performed without fear of spoiling them, such as the smart hair blow-dry, which is known to reduce the volume of the strands, or the Moroccan hair blow-dry, which also contributes to the hair hydration.

To end frizz once and for all, the Bossa nova treatment (with oils and cationic active ingredients), or the chocolate treatment are good options. Nevertheless, if the customer only wants to reduce the hair volume and keep the curly shape, the hair blow-drys are not indicated and the professional should offer less aggressive alternatives to the hair strands' texture, such as hair relaxations.

3 - Straight hair

It is not uncommon for customers who already have naturally straight hairs to go to the beauty salon looking for alternatives that will reduce frizz and excessive hair volume. In such cases, volume-reducing treatments may be the best solution. To achieve a satisfactory result, hairdressers should bet on products based on acids, carbocysteine, and hydrogen.

And for the customers who want a more shiny and beautiful straight hair, amino acid-based treatments may result in eye-catching, vivacious strands. An example is the Indian blow-dry, which contains green tea and some spices in its formula, contributing to the healthy appearance of the hair.

4 - Dyed or discolored hair

Usually, hair that has already been discolored or dyed is already quite fragile. Therefore, it is important to remember that all care is necessary. The chemical processes with ammonia usually damage the hair structure and a blow-dry that is very aggressive or with inappropriate active ingredients can further worsen the situation.

In these cases, the strand test is indispensable. After all, just by analyzing the hair strands' response to the products, the professional may conclude that the customer's hair can withstand the straightening without suffering any other damages. Hair with highlights or wider highlights also needs such attention, since the formaldehyde present in many straighteners may damage discolored strands.

For dyed hair, ammonium thioglycolate is the most indicated active ingredient, as well as the fruit treatments, which contain proteins to moisturize the hair. For discolored strands, products based on carbocysteine, acids, and hydrogen are the most effective because they act only on the surface of the strands without reaching their structure. In both cases, formaldehyde should be avoided.

Following these advices and studying the components of each formula, you can conquer the straight hair of your customers' dreams without excessive damage, and leave them more than satisfied. Did you like our tips for choosing the right hair blow-dry for each type of hair? Do you have any questions? So take the time to leave your comment. We would love to hear from you!