Beyoung Micellar Water Skin Collection Água Micelar Sensation Fresh Hydration 7in1 200ml/6.76fl.oz

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Beyoung Water Micellar Skin Collection Sensation Freshness and Hydration 7in1 200ml

Beyoung Micellar Water 7in1 200ml easy cleaning water that helps to control the shine, oiliness and balance the PH of the skin that can be associated with the appearance of enlarged pores, wrinkles and scaling. Besides, it offers a cleaning that tones and calms the skin, taking suavity and purification, besides its formula that doesn't have alcohol.



Apply a small amount in a absorbent cotton then on the skin. Repeat the action until the complete cleaning. It is not necessary to rinse.



Clean and fresh skin free of impurities.

Package contents
- 01 Beyoung Water Micellar Skin Collection


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