Aneethun Force System Treatment Kit Hair Growth Strength, Resistance, Shine and Vitality

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Kit Aneethun Force System Treatment Shampoo 300ml/10.1 fl.oz Finalizer Mask 2x500ml/16.9 fl.oz Concentrated Dose 25g/0.84 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Aneethun Force Treatment Kit recovers weakened hair and helps hair growth.

Its formula contains exclusive technology that acts from the bulb to the capillary cortex promoting strength, reduces hair loss, moisturizes, nourishes and conditions intensely, giving back hair strength, shine and vitality.

The line is ideal for those who desire a treatment that reconstructs the capillary fiber of damaged hair and, at the same time, boosts hair growth and prevents hair loss.


Shampoo Force: Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage gently. Immediately rinse hair thoroughly with water.

Force Mask: With clean and damp hair, apply the Mask on the hair lock by lock. Leave a pause time of 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse the hair thoroughly with water.

Force Finisher: With clean and damp hair, apply the ideal amount of Force Finisher to your hair. It promotes thermo protection in case you want to finish your hair with a hair dryer or straightening iron, or you can let it dry naturally.

Dose Force: Apply the Dose lock by lock and massage. Leave a pause time of 3 to 10 minutes. Immediately after, rinse your hair thoroughly with water. As the Mask is a deep treatment, it can be used every 15 days, or whenever you feel the need.


Restored, conditioned and incredibly beautiful hair.

Package Contents

- 01 - Force System Shampoo 300ml/10.1 fl.oz
- 01 - Force System Finalizer 250g/8.45 fl.oz
- 01 - Force System Dose 25g/0.84 fl.oz
- 01 - Force System Mask 250g/8.45 fl.oz


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