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Adcos Derma Complex Concentrated Hyalu 6 Anti-Aging Serum Moisturizing Skin Care 30ml/1.01 fl.oz

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Product Overview

Adcos Derma Complex Concentrate Hyalu 6 Facial Serum Skin Care Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin E Deep Hydration Filling and Firming 30ml/1.01 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Adcos Derma Complex Hyalu 6 Concentrate is an anti-aging Serum that restores facial contour, reduces wrinkles and rehydrates the skin by replenishing hyaluronic acid. Moreover, it has anti-pollution and anti-stress action to prevent premature aging.

Its formula has properties that act on several levels of the skin by increasing the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen. It fills wrinkles, hydrates and provides firmness and density, besides providing instant tensor effect.

The line is ideal for those who want a product that enhances the skin's natural protection, which protects against pollution damage, combats free radical damage, and improves the skin's microcirculation. It increases collagen production and prevents elastin degradation.


With the face skin clean and dry, apply the serum on the neck and neckline in the morning and evening. Massage until completely absorbed.

Experts teach: It is important that the skin be free of residues before applying the serum so that the active ingredients penetrate deeply and easily. So do not forget to remove your makeup, cleanse your face with your facial soap, and use the ideal toner for your skin type.


More hydrated skin, reduced signs of aging and prevention of aging.

Package Contents

- Adcos Derma Complex Hyalu 6 Concentrate Serum 30ml/1.01 fl.oz