Plastica Dos Fios Keratin Treatment Box Kit 3x300ml/3x10.14fl.oz

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The Kit Plastica dos Fios Thermal Sealing is an intensive treatment that reduces the volume, eliminates frizz and provides straight and controlled strands for up to 3 months. It nourishes and hydrates deeply the strands besides giving an incredible shine and strengthen the structure, avoiding the breakage.


Plastica dos Fios Step 1 Pre-Sealing Shampoo 300ml/10.14fl.oz: Deep cleans the strands and helps to open the cuticle facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients of the treatment.

Plastica dos Fios Sealing Thermal Step 2 300ml/10.14fl.oz: With the other products, promotes the natural straight effect of long duration in the strands and leaves the hair shiny and frizz-free.

Plastica dos Fios Step 3 Sealant 300ml/10.14fl.oz: Promotes the maximum hydration of the hair reducing frizz and accentuating the straightening effect.


Treatment consisting of Arginine, Acai Extract and Acetic Acid (acid ph).

Acai Extract: rich in nutrients such as Vitamins, Essential Sugars and Emollient Oils. Its antioxidant and protective action promotes a complete regeneration of the threads, hydrating them in an efficient and prolonged way.

Amino Acids: balance the structure of the threads of the aggressions caused by the excessive use of dryers and flat iron. Increases its malleability and elasticity, leaving the hair smoother and extremely easy to comb.

Phytonutrients: Nourishes and protects the strands, helping to regenerate damaged and worn parts.

Acetic Acid Shampoo: because it has an acidic pH, it can cause irritation and peeling on sensitized leather. For this reason we recommend not to apply to pregnant women, people with sensitive scalp and children up to 12 years.

Note: Provides approximately 35 applications. Certified Micro Quality Labs (USA) and by Anvisa. The effect is prolonged with the use of maintenance products Plastica dos Fios.

It should not be applied on pregnant women, people with sensitive scalp and children.


Naturally straight hair, no frizz, stronger, repaired and with an incredible shine for up to 3 months!

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