Zap Professional Progressive Me Leva 2x1L / 2x33.8fl.oz+ Alcohol Gel 300ml / 10.1fl.oz

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Zap Me Leva is a 100% effective treatment, designed to deeply and intensely treat hair that has been damaged. Me Leva contains Macadamia and Coconut Oils, which return lost nutrients, promotes extreme shine, softness, alignment and also gives the hair a natural look without leaving it heavy and greasy.


Zap Deep Cleansing Shampoo Takes Me 1 Liter: promotes intense cleaning and removal of accumulated residues that leave hair dull, heavy and lifeless.

Zap Conditioning Hair Mask Me Takes 1 liter: deeply and intensely treats hair, recovering the damage caused by external agents and chemical treatments.

BRK Pharma Alcohol Antiseptic Gel for Hands 70%: Antiseptic Gel 70% hand sanitizer, with moisturizing action, used to sanitize hands keeping them clean and free of bacteria. Eliminates germs and bacteria instantly, moisturizing the hands. Practical economic package that facilitates the application, can be taken in the bag and even in the car, dispenses the use of water and towels. Leaves hands hygienized, soft and refreshing.

Application: click a small amount on the palm of your hands and rub it all over the palm, back, wrist, between the fingers and fingertips until the product is dry.


Progressive Application:

1- Apply the deep cleansing shampoo of Zap ME LEVA on wet hair and massage the hair from the root to the ends, then rinse with abundant water.

Note: step 1 has to be done 3 times. On the third time, let the shampoo act on the hair for 15 minutes, then rinse.

2- Divide the hair in 4 parts and apply the Zap Me Leva Hair Treatment from lock to lock, starting at the nape of the neck, with a minimum distance from the root.

3- After application remove the excess of the product with a towel, dry the hair completely with a dryer at cold or warm temperature and align the hair with a brush to remove the knots.

4- To finish the process, iron the hair in an average of 15 to 20 times in each lock.

Wait for the hair to cool, then wash them with the shampoo and conditioner of your preference.


Straight, moisturized, frizz-free hair.