Truss Volume Therapy Miracle Brush Facilitator 650ml/21.98 fl.oz

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Truss Volume Therapy Miracle Brush Facilitator 650ml/21.98 fl.oz

Indicated for fine and greasiness-prone hair. Powerful brushing conditioner. Thermal protector. Detangles. Increases volume and balance. Provides extraordinary shine and softness. Forms long-lasting protective film. Recovers the structure of the hair by increasing the volume of the wires, being a great thermal protector.


Glow System intelligent technological active that provides extraordinary shine gloss in 3D effect, nourishes and protects the color of colored hair and creates a lasting protective film.

Bio Affinity Complex: has a constitutive bioaffinity with the hair, reinforcing its internal structure. Provides phyto-nutrient elements to repair the damaged cuticle, restoring hair damaged by chemical processes or external aggressions (UV rays, wind, excessive use of hair dryers and straighteners).
Recovers the hair's natural strength, resistance, and flexibility, leaving it stronger and softer. Prolongs shine, prevents split ends, forms a protective film and prevents color change.


Apply on humid hair, massaging gently. Blow dry or dry naturally. Do not apply to dry hair.


Disciplined hair with controlled volume, frizz-free and extremely shiny.

Package Contents:

- 01 Truss Volume Therapy Facilitator Brush Miracle 650ml/21.98 fl.oz

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